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Season 2: Bearing the Fruits

Season 2 focuses on creating systems for sustained mutual aid and community organizing support for neighbors and contributors to participate.
We aim to build on the efforts of existing mutual aid to create self-sustaining local communities through dual power.

What is Dual Power?

Dual power is a two-part strategy that consists of public resistance to oppression (counter-power) and the building of alternative democratic, participatory institutions (counter-institutions). In other words, one part fights the existing systems by mobilizing against them, while the other builds resilient, people-led institutions to take their place (mutual aid). 

We see an opportunity to strengthen and accelerate grassroots organizing to create systems of safety within our local community. In a city like New York City, where there are already countless progressive groups doing meaningful work in silos, we can bring coordination between these efforts—giving agency to local leaders and making citizen participation easy.

A fund for mutual aid
Our mutual aid fund provides support to local and general mutual aid networks in NYC, covering essentials like food, water, and clothing. This encompasses at least one mutual aid group per borough, several community gardens, and other localized projects addressing the immediate material needs of New Yorkers. These groups are encouraged to extend invitations to others, allowing our network of support to grow organically.

In this fund pool, we maintain a commitment to making decentralized tooling an entry point rather than a barrier. All community groups are welcomed into our open collective, ensuring consistent access to funds. For those who choose not to participate, support is still provided in USD.

A fund for a movement
We’ll be experimenting with more spontaneous organizing campaigns by creating a fund for a broad range of intersectional objectives. For example, at present we are putting together a zine with works from Palestinian creators to showcase the beauty and richness of their life and culture amidst Israeli aggression.

For this effort and others like it Pact’s goal is to provide the funding, coordination, technical support, and multi-disciplinary local network to bring this initiative to fruition.

We The People, one of our fiscal sponsees, is a mutual aid collective that hosts weekly food and clothing distributions in Bed Stuy and Harlem.

Season 0 — Seeds of ChangeComplete
Season 1 — Tending the GardenComplete
Season 2 — Bearing the FruitsIn Progress
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