The Pact Collective

Pact is a NYC-based impact network whose goal is to make the revolution sustainable by providing funding, legal support, and coordination infrastructure to the many local efforts in our network.

Pact is a fiscal host to some of the most impactful organizations in New York - spanning mutual aid, abolition, harm reduction, and more. Hosted collectives in its network include:

Members of our team are also active in groups like We the People, the Democratic Socialists of America, Crown Heights Care Collective, Hattie Carthan Community Garden, and show up for various actions in solidarity with other grassroots organizing groups in NYC. They are also artists, healers, tech workers, and creators of digital tools like Papertree that allow communities to manage their funds transparently and democratically.

Pact is a member of Metalabel.

A metalabel is a release club where groups of people who share the same interest drop and support work together. It’s a lightweight structure that creates economic, emotional, and creative alignment between collaborators.

Pact has been a part of multiple Gitcoin Grants funding rounds.

The Gitcoin Grants program is a platform that facilitates funding for open-source projects. It allows individuals and organizations to contribute financial support to projects they value. It promotes collaboration and innovation within the open-source ecosystem by connecting funders with projects in need of support.

Season 0 — Seeds of ChangeComplete
Season 1 — Tending the GardenComplete
Season 2 — Bearing the FruitsIn Progress
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