The Pact Collective


Season 0: Seeds of Change

Similar to the natural progression of seasons, Pact's evolution has unfolded in phases, guided by our team's capabilities and the needs observed within our community.

Season 0 was for inviting people to the table to set intentions, build trust, and openly discuss local challenges and opportunities together.

Building a vibrant community
We started Season 0 by casting our vision out into the world. Since then, we've welcomed over 100 members, establishing a dynamic community of local artists, allies, and organizers. We've developed an active online community server to foster open communication among members, hosted numerous meetups to explore the future of our collective, and brought members out to community gardens and protests to participate in local efforts.

Gaining nonprofit status
Our organization obtained 501c3 status in Season 0, making contributions to our mission tax-deductible through our nonprofit entity, Pact Donation Collective, Inc.

Season 0 — Seeds of ChangeComplete
Season 1 — Tending the GardenComplete
Season 2 — Bearing the FruitsIn Progress
Articles and Press

2021 Pact Donation Collective, Inc.
Registered 501(c)(3). EIN 87-3808180