The Pact Collective

How does my subscription work?
Pact secures funding through donations from both community and external members, playing a significant role in supporting the mutual aid efforts undertaken by the DAO. You can contribute to these efforts by making a one-time or recurring donation of your choosing.

Upon registration, you'll receive an email invitation to join our online community. This platform empowers you to participate in discussions with fellow members, explore local opportunities for giving and volunteering, and establish connections.

In our community chat, decisions about fund allocation are collaboratively made by our team, the partnered organizations, and, most importantly, our community members – that includes you!

That’s it. Community-run impact.

Where does my money go?

Funds are collected by Pact Donation Collective, Inc. and are governed by partner mutual aid organizations from a shared account.

When you donate, your money is processed by our payment provider Stripe who charges a small processing fee (2.2%+30c). There are no fees associated with donations made via Cash App or Venmo.

Cash App: $PactCollective
Venmo: @pactcollective

How does pact make money?
Pact is a nonprofit organization and does not collect profits on donations. 

Can I donate more than the subscription amount?
If you’d like to give more you can send your monthly subscription or an amount of your choosing via Cash App or Venmo to avoid processing fees incurred by Stripe.

Can I donate with cryptocurrency?

Yes, you can contribute any type of cryptocurrency to our ENS Address at pactcollective.eth.

Is pact a nonprofit?
Yes. Our full name is Pact Donation Collective, Inc.

Are my donations tax deductible?
Yes. Pact Donation Collective, Inc is a nonprofit with 501(c)(3) status. Tax deductible receipts will be created and sent out to all contributors before the end of the calendar year.

How do I cancel my recurring donations?
You can cancel your recurring donations by logging into your account and turning them off. Email us at team@pactdao.xyz if you have any questions or need support.

I’m an organizer/organization/neighbor who wants to get involved with Pact. Who should I talk to?
We’d love to connect! Email us at team@pactdao.xyz and we’ll get back to you within the week.

Season 0 — Seeds of ChangeComplete
Season 1 — Tending the GardenComplete
Season 2 — Bearing FruitsIn Progress
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