The Pact Collective

Mutual aid is the movement.
Join the radical effort to build community with your neighbors, learn about liberation, and heal from injustice. Based in NYC with initiatives that span the digital world.
Pact’s primary mission is to sustain the timeless principle of mutual aid, where communities support one another not as an act of charity, but in recognition of the interconnectedness of well-being. Our goal is to enhance these support networks, building on the cumulative efforts of those who came before us.

Rebuilding requires new tools.
Our work is grounded in principles of solidarity, mutual aid, dual power, and revolution. We don’t want to change the systems we’ve been given, we want to replace them with new systems of safety and equity.

This means going about things differently - from decentralized governance and digital organizing to philosophies of demonstrated care and action. We know the path forward won’t be built by the mainstream tools and practices of today.

Decentralized Governance
Pact operates as a horizontal organization, with all six core members holding equal power and weight in decision-making, proposing initiatives, and requesting funding.

Digital organizing
Pact employs a multi-sig wallet system to manage a portion of its treasury. Each core member can execute transactions and seek project funding, with the added security measure of requiring two group members to sign off on the request.

To facilitate donations, we utilize Open Collective, accepting both one-time contributions and regular subscriptions. The platform displays our total balance, income, disbursed funds, and estimated annual budget. Partners like We The People can submit expenses for their mutual aid efforts, and members within our network can also request reimbursements.

We view this transparent fund usage as a commitment to radical transparency, setting a standard for mutual aid and non-profit organizations to enhance their transparent practices and grant more people access to Pact's treasury.

Season 0 — Seeds of ChangeComplete
Season 1 — Tending the GardenComplete
Season 2 — Bearing FruitsIn Progress
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